We all know them, Twist Ties. They come wrapped around veggies or bread and can be found at markets to close plastic bags. They could seem like nothing but trash, but I recently realized that they are far more useful than I ever thought possible.

Here are 28 new ways to use them:

  1. My favorite, to organize unruly cords as shown in the picture above
  2. Hold zippers on luggage together securely when you travel 
  3. Keep the door of your pet’s cage securely closed
  4. Replace buttons instead of thread so they go on, and stay on
  5. Pick locks (I mean don’t) but if you have to… 
  6. Make rings or bracelets with kids 
  7. Repair necklaces by using them as a secure fastener 
  8. Repair glasses where the corner screw has fallen out. Feed the twist tie through the bracket where the screw was lost. Make a loop and twist the ends together. Trim or fold back the extra
  9. Zipper pull 
  10. Hold together washers or bolts so they stay organized
  11. Quick and free picture hanging wire
  12. Stitch holders for a knitting project
  13. Reset buttons on watches, electronics, or cable boxes
  14. Remove hair from an electric razor 
  15. Remove pencil shavings from a sharpener
  16. Organize rolls of tape or ribbon
  17. Organize hair ties, rubber bands, or paper clips
  18. Remove staples that are stuck in a stapler
  19. Unclog glue or paint tubes
  20. Securely hang holiday ornaments to a tree instead of those flimsy hooks
  21. Securely close open bags of food 
  22. Make it into a key ring
  23. Hold together paint brushes, pencils, pens
  24. Temporary or permanent way to hold your pet’s tag to their collar
  25. Bind together pieces of loose leaf paper that have holes in them 
  26. Repair a broken document binding
  27. Secure holiday lights to outdoor trees so they don’t fall in bad weather
  28. Hang or bundle tools


  1. They are also very handy in DIY repairs such as using them as hooks or loops to fish out wire or pulling objects out of or through piping.

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