When I decided to go zero waste a few years ago, I did a lot of research on the products I was using in my home and on my body, and a lot of what I found out was pretty terrifying.

I found out that the cleaning supplies I had been using (bleach, windex, scrubbing bubbles) were highly toxic, and could lead to respiratory problems, skin irritation, reproductive toxicity, nervous system damage, and organ toxicity amongst other health issues.

I quickly adopted the philosophy that I don’t want to use any products on my body or in my home that I wouldn’t be comfortable eating. Think about it, between setting your food down on your countertop, showering, brushing your teeth – you’re going to most likely ingest or come in very close contact with the products you use to keep your home clean. If you wouldn’t take a shot of windex, why would you use it to clean a surface you cook your food on?

My all-purpose nontoxic cleaner go-to? Distilled white vinegar made from grains. It kicks bacteria’s butt and works perfectly to keep countertops, mirrors, bathroom sinks, tile, etc. sparkling. I use it as a stain remover, mildew eliminator, fabric softener, room deodorizer, to unclog drains, and in the rinse cycle to remove soap from clothes! Be careful using it on marble and granite because it etches, meaning the acidity of the vinegar eats away at the surface of it.

Here’s my tried and true all-purpose nontoxic cleaner recipe I follow:

You’ll need: 


  1. Fill a glass spray bottle halfway with water. 
  2. Fill the rest of the way with distilled white vinegar. 
  3. Add in a 15-20 drops of essential oil for scent. 
  4. Spray away!

My zero waste cleaning tips:

  • Clean frequently – you don’t need heavy cleaners like bleach if you’re diligent with cleaning your home consistently with your nontoxic cleaner.
  • Use rags, cut up old t-shirts and reusable cleaning towels instead of paper towels.



  1. Did you know that many spray nozzles will fit a glass vinegar bottle? And you can steep orange and lemon peels in your vinegar to give it a nice citrus scent.

  2. I am sooo against using bleach. My husband forbid me to use nothing but natural ingredients for cleaning. It is very important to live in a healthy environment. Vinegar and baking soda are the best! Greetings!

    1. I use half peroxide, half water with peppermint essential oil for my granite countertops. I don’t know if it will be good for marble.

    2. You can make a cleaning solution out of castile soap and water, just make sure you wipe the surface down with a wet rag afterwards, as the castile soap can often leave behind soap marks if not rinsed properly.

      Also, it would make sense to look for a castile soap that is not made with palm oil.

  3. Thats fantastic! I’ll try that! Do you also have a recipe for mold? I hate using these bleach products and I don’t know what else to use.

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