I coached Refinery29’s Lucie Fink on how to go 5 days without producing any trash and SHE KILLED IT!!!! Check out our video to learn about the tips I gave Lucie to live a life with a little less trash 🙂



  1. Really enjoyed this video! I was thinking, would it not be more eco-friendly to skip coffee altogether, especially considering the coffee trade's impact on the environment? Do you feel that tailoring our consumption of non-essentials is an important aspect of a reduce-wasted life, or are enjoying the non-essentials what can bring us a meaningful life?

    1. Coffee has a lot of benefits as far as maintaining global trade relations as well. Additionally, coffee can be produced sustainably. I only drink Organic, Fair Trade coffee from really reputable sources. I am very conscious of what I put into my body and where it comes from. That being said, quitting coffee, I've tried. I've failed. It is my favorite daily ritual, cutting it out would be altering something that makes me really happy, so for now I'll stick with coffee. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Where does Lucie live? My options for bulk buying are extremely limited. (Plus, the little that is available is further away than the regular grocery store, raising issues of carbon footprint – but there's a limit as to how much we can do at once.) Also, I can not find biodegradable string or twine. Seriously. It's all plastic. I walk into a hardware store here (Israel), everything is plastic.
    Enjoyed the video.

    1. We both live in New York City. As far as distance to a grocery store, buying your entire week's worth of food package free would probably equal less of a carbon footprint than the extra fossil fuels required to get there. Also, could you carpool? Is there alternative transportation? As far as the biodegradable twine, I'd say skip it. You don't need it. You could always use 100% cotton string like a butcher's twine, but honestly I'd go twine free if it's not available to you. Try gifting in a reusable bag.

    1. Thank you so much! I use an organic vegan bar soap that I buy package free (you can find them in any health food store). I just wash with that and I'll condition with a bulk conditioner maybe once every two weeks.

  3. Hi Lauren!
    I am in love with all eco things, and i realy want to live this lifestyle..
    but the problem here is that i am a teenager! I do not buy the food, and others, so i can't decide what to buy/don't buy.. and don't clean and i am Guessing my mom won't allow me to do some things (like brushing my teeths with baking soda)
    Do you have any tips for my?

    And by the way you are so pretty and cute !
    love, M.

  4. Watching this video…. Gave me life.
    With the new year starting it's a perfect time for me to try living with less waste and hopefully, eventually NO waste. I am so inspired. Look forward to some questions I might have within my new journey! Haha yay

  5. Informative, a great start, and very cute! "Lauren told me she bought all of her clothes secondhand and I copied her." Lol cute! Two things I would offer for improvement 1) Get rid of those icky plastic "reusable" bags – they're made of plastic, too. Get cloth/natural fiber ones that actually biodegrade and wash better! 2) She didn't put any produce into bags, but, just a tip: you don't have to individually bag produce in their own bags 😉 I've been bringing al my produce home in one big cloth bag and I never get sick from doing that. Keep up the great work and outreach!!

  6. What do you do about ketchup, soy sauce, the occasional candy bar or ice cream? Items for home repair (or any repair) that come packaged in with plastic? Ponytail holders? Sink plugs? (I'm just thinking about what I bought in the last few days that would be difficult to find an ecological alternative.) Scotch tape? Packing tape?

    1. for me, i try to find recycable packaging, and clean them out before recycling. For ketchup, after I use it up, I clean it out and recycle it (Heinz ketchup bottles which are plastic are usually recycable), or I sometimes use it to store pancake mix

  7. Absolutely love the way you are living your life! Such an inspiration. Am trying to start the new year using up all that I already have before and then will start purchasing bulk and choosing non packaged items to purchase. I was just wondering, what do you do if you want to bake some muffins and freeze them? How do you store them in the freezer without using plastic?

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