Check out this video where I talk about if and how I use Q-Tips while living a Zero Waste lifestyle.

While we’re on the topic of personal care, here are some of my favorite zero waste and sustainable alternatives for daily routines like brushing your teeth, washing your face and flossing.



  1. Hi Lauren! I discovered there is a bamboo tool the Japanese use for their ears in place of Q-tips. It is called “mimikaki,” and has a curved end to get the ear wax out. It is advised to not use it when the ear is wet after a shower, and to be extremely careful. But there you go! A waste-free biodegradable alternative!!

  2. I Use Q-Tips not for my ear, but if I have to apply camomile concentrate to blisters in my mouth, as this specifically calms down the skin around it, and also dries the blister. Therefore it is necessary to apply it very accurately.
    What else could I use if not Q-Tips?

  3. Actually, I didn’t use Q-Tips for my ears, but used them to remove mascara from the skin around the eye after I applied it. But you could of course just use a facecloth instead.

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