How to have a Zero Waste Valentines Day

Some people want to puke pink when they think of Valentines Day… and I get it, it’s a little desperate… but it is also really sweet to take a moment to do a small gesture to show people that you care about them, whether intimately or not.

But Valentines day can be full or junk. Trash. Garbage. Which to me is the real depressing part. This is why I’m teaming up with Sustain Natural to show give you some ideas on how to have a Zero Waste Valentines Day.

Wait, but aren’t condoms trash? Yes. They are. But I have talked about this before. While condoms produce garbage, they are a much better option that having unprotected sex and risking getting an STD or having an unplanned pregnancy which will result in bigger issues than just trash. Since I haven’t found an option for a waste free way to safely have sex, Sustain is my favorite next best thing.  While you can’t recycle their packaging (I haven’t found a condom company with recyclable packaging) you could technically burn the used condom since they are made from natural materials. Extreme, but if you’re into it… I’m into it.

What’s so special about Sustain that I want to partner with them? Well, their condoms are made from fair trade rubber and are free of nitrosamenes, a naturally occurring chemical in the latex manufacturing process that is carcinogenic (cancer-causing). They are currently one of the only manufacturers removing this chemical from condoms and I sure as hell don’t want carcinogens in my vag, thanks.

OKAY back to our regularly scheduled post… Here are a few ideas for how to have a Zero Waste valentines day with your lover, or just with someone you love.


This is my favorite. What is more lovely than creating memories with someone that you care about? Here are some ideas I love:

  • Buy tickets to a movie or a show (make sure to get a PDF instead of printed)
  • Take a long walk and pack a Zero Waste picnic
  • Book a massage and bring your own oil (lots of places use a petroleum based oil) I love to bring my own sweet almond or coconut oil in a jar for them to use
  • Go to a museum


I hate cut flowers because they are grown far away and sprayed with pesticides which is no bueno. Instead, you have choices. Last year my dad planted 50 trees for me for valentines day. He is amazing and it was the best present I have ever received for valentines day. Also, you could buy them a plant that grows like a succulent or a bulb, that way your loved one can be constantly reminded of you when they see the plant, plus they will help to filter the air!

Something that you make yourself is always an amazing gift. If you can knit, knit your heart out. If you can draw, draw. I love a DIY beauty product because it is something usable and you can package it sustainably. Need some ideas? Try my zero waste body lotion and package it in a beautiful glass jar (preferably upcycled)!

Once it’s made, you can wrap using this napkin folding technique!

I keep notes and letters forever. Whether your loved one is far or near, a note on a piece of handmade or upcycled paper is something that they can hold onto forever.

Staying in is always a great option. Head to the farmers market and stock up on some Zero Waste eats and cook a meal for your lover. Dessert… let’s just say coconut oil isn’t just for the kitchen.


Zero Waste Shopping: A How To Guide

One of the most common questions I get is how to shop in bulk or package free. In this series of videos you will learn how to tare your jars to buy bulk, how to buy liquids in bulk, and how to buy solids in bulk so that you can be prepared to shop Zero Waste anywhere that offers bulk!

IMPORTANT: very often I hear that people feel uncomfortable trying to buy things package free because they are afraid the people will look at them like they are weird, or challenge them. Well, guess what, Zero Waste is NOT the norm and it is likely that people might not know what you are doing.

EMBRACE IT! If someone looks at you when you try to shop Zero Waste, it is most likely because you are the first person that they have ever seen shopping that way and they don’t know what you are doing, it’s not that they think you are weird! Take this as an opportunity to educate someone or reach out to them and explain what you are doing in a positive way. Remember, the more you shop package free, the more common it will become for stores and other shoppers and the more comfortable others will feel doing it. I believe in living my values, and so I am never afraid of looking different from others, I embrace it!


Zero Waste Toothbrushes

In this video I’m talking about living a zero waste lifestyle but also keeping your teeth nice and healthy by choosing a better brush. Check out the video to learn more and to purchase one of these awesome toothbrushes click the link HERE and use code ‘TRASHISFORTOSSERS’ for 10% off!


Zero Waste Deodorant

Smelly armpits are pretty unanimously unsexy. I hear people saying all the time that they cannot find deodorant that is sustainable or “eco” that keeps their armpits scent free and they go back to plastic packaged, chemical laden store bought deodorant.

That was me BUT NOT ANYMORE because I created a recipe for deodorant that kept me smelling fresh and clean even when working out. Check out how I keep stinkiness at bay in this video.

To make your own DIY deodorant, check out this video below:


Contact Lenses

I have terrible vision.

When a doctor first told my mom that I had bad vision there was a brief second of excitement, glasses! But then reality struck. It was so cool to see like 70 percent of what was in front of me, but then there was this large range outside of the glasses that I couldn’t see and it was weird and terrifying and so I graduated to contact lenses. I have been wearing the for over 12 years now and can’t see myself going back to glasses (no pun intended) and the thought of getting laser eye surgery isn’t even a thought for me.

So how do I live a Zero Waste lifestyle and still wear contacts? Check out this video below!