Zero Waste To-Go Cup

I LOVE smoothies, iced coffee, and juices and I would always put them in a mason jar and drink them with the top off causing the occasional spill. Sometimes I would even use a plastic straw to avoid the mess. I was sick of the waste and feeling guilty when enjoying some of my favorite things and was SO lucky to find EcoJarz on

These tops are so perfect. Not only do the stainless steel straws that come in the drink top and straw kit feel so great when cold smoothies run through them, they are so practical, lightweight, and easy to clean! They even come with a really cute straw cleaning brush! Even better, this lid is made to fit standard canning jars and because of that they can fit onto any glass jar and turn it into an upcycled drinking vessel (think coconut oil, nut butter, salsa, jam… the possibilities are endless!) It is totally safe and made from stainless steel and is surrounded by a silicone gasket to keep your favorite drinks from leaking. I still want to try out glass straws, but have to get over my fear of breaking them!


The Food I Eat

I am a vegetarian and dedicated to eating Organic and Fair Trade whole foods. Everything I cook and bring into my own home is Organic. The best part about it is that it is affordable. Why? I buy in bulk from Integral Yoga Natural Foods, which is easily the best indoor supermarket I have ever been to. Those mason jars in the picture up there, not only are they my obsession, they are the most practical lil’ vessels ever. I bring them to the store (always one extra for tare, or write the tare down) and fill them with my favorite grains, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, granola, seeds, loose mushrooms or beans, and tomatoes to name a few. I also use them to store food in my refrigerator in place of plastic storage containers, and I use them to bring coffee, tea, snacks, or lunch togo.