Cleaning the toilet is definitely not the most glamorous thing in the world, but at least it isn’t hard. Some people use bleach and other nasty chemicals to get their bathroom clean, not me! My method is completely non-toxic!

I use four things to clean my toilet:
1) Organic liquid castile soap
2) Distilled white vinegar
3) Washcloth
4) Plastic free toilet brush

Here’s how I do it.

Step 1: Spray the entire toilet with white vinegar. This includes the top, cover, seat, under the seat, and around the base. Let sit.

Step 2: Put liquid castile soap in bowl and brush clean with toilet brush, let sit.
Step 3: I use one washcloth to clean the entire toilet. To I do this I first fold the towel in half and wipe the top and the seat clean. Then I fold that in half again to do the seat and then under the seat. I then repeat the process to clean the rim and the base of the toilet. That way I use a clean section for each part of the process and only dirty one towel. I then just throw that in the laundry. Easy!

Step 3: Flush toilet, close lid. Easy pee-z. Ha.



  1. That toilet scrubber!!! DYING!!! I've been searching for non-plastic cleaning tools FOREVER and that website looks great!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Lauren! I love the zero-plastic way of your life! It is so inspiring! I have question on different topic than your post is. I am moving to nyc and i would like to have as much plastic free home as I can. I am trying to figure out the storage boxes right now (mainly under my bed). Do you have any recommendation where to look? What is your solution in your place? I want to avoid the ugly plastic boxes. Thank you!!

  3. Some people were asking what do you do about throwing toilet paper down the toilet in places where you do not have a perfect or any sewage treatment for the water coming from the toilet pipes.

  4. AH! I love that your vinegar is in an organic soy sauce bottle! That's the same soy I have at home. I still have some plastic bottles at home maybe before i recycle the bottle part I'll see if I can save the spray parts for that glass bottle

    also gonna try this method – castille + vinegar next time i clean our potty! Thanks for the tips. You're inspiring

  5. What kind of acid? Vinegar is a mixture of water and acetic acid, so it'll work well as a bacteria killer, yet it won't damage your surfaces. Distilled white vinegar typically comes in a 1% to 5% solution (the latter stronger, because it contains a higher concentration of acetic acid to water). Vinegar is amazing for this reason – and because it can be used for so many other things! Hope that helps!

  6. House cleaning in general entails the use of some very strong chemicals. It would therefore be important to have some protective clothing on. Gloves are useful in the protection of your hands. You can also require overalls so as not to have your clothes all stained during the house cleaning. Sprayers may be required if the house cleaning includes getting rid of pests. gebรคudereinigung

  7. Super … .. Il est vraiment instructif et novateur de nous informer avec de nouvelles mises ร  jour. C’รฉtait vraiment prรฉcieux. Merci beaucoup.

  8. How long do you go in between laundry loads? As I’m only taking care of myself, I often find that one load is sufficient for all my clothes and 2 linen bath towels — which I only wash in cold gentle cycles because I don’t get too grody. How could I make peace with using cloth to clean the toilet and not having hot laundry to throw it in with?

  9. Hello Lauren,

    I’m a periodic follower of trashtoss and when I just watched your wooden Toilet brush,
    pictures arrose from my very own one…
    The pour thing took a shortcut when I changed flats because It never really dried (stored in a glazed flowerpot) and started .. well yes… it just caught mildew and turned black… ๐Ÿ™

    I might try that an old towel as well, its just you need to wash it high temperature to get it clean.

    Anyway, thanks for the elaborate insights, you really take it to the end!

    Grettings Frank

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