I took a trip to San Francisco in April and made a stop in Oakland to visit my boyfriend’s sister Giuliana at her new home. As we were looking at her backyard that was full of prehistoric-sized agave plants and other west coast flora that I had never seen, she offered me a glass of her home-brewed iced coffee. I took a sip and it was some of the greatest iced coffee I ever had and I had to have the recipe. My boyfriend and I have been making it ever since! Here it is, folks, Giuliana’s Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee:


Step 1: Go get yourself some coffee. We use fair-trade organic coffee. I recommend Equal Exchange.
Note: Make sure your coffee is coarsely ground for a french press
Step 2: Measure out your coffee
Note: for every 1 cup of coffee, add four cups of cold filtered water
Step 3: Pour your coffee in a large top sealing jar
Step 4: Add your cold, filtered water
Step 5: Stir with a wooden spoon
Step 6: Put in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours stirring in-between if you would like
Step 7: For filtering you can use a french press to get the grounds separated from the liquid. You could also use organic and washable cheese cloth or a reusable cone filter.
Step 8: Pour and enjoy!



  1. SOFT DRINKS/SODAS produce a LOT of trash! SIMPLE delightful recipes using fresh fruit, lemons, ginger, etc made into cordials or syrups can solve this problem. A SODA MAKER can provide the effervescence/bubbly for those die-hard soda addicts.

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