I have been composting for over one year now. This seems to shock people when I tell them I compost because I live in New York City in an apartment without a backyard. My secret? The freezer! It is the perfect way to compost in an urban environment because it prevents smell, gives you protection from any insects or mold, and is extremely simple to do! I take mine to the Union Square Greenmarket, but there are plenty of drop-off locations throughout NYC as well as many other cities across the country! Composting is certainly doable and reduces up to 50% of landfill waste!

What is compost?
Compost is a nutrient-rich, dark, crumbly material that helps improve soil health and provides nutrients to plants. It is created by the natural decomposition of organic material (like food scraps) that turns the nutrients from once-living materials into humus, the rich, organic component of soil.

How do I compost?
I compost by using a leftover paper bag, which you can recycle at the drop-off location, or an upcycled soil bag (I still haven’t been able to find loose organic soil) and I keep it in my freezer until I am ready to drop it off at the market.

What is compostable?Β 
Each city has certain things that you can and can not compost, but the NYC list can be found here.


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