So I was the luckiest lady ever for the weekend of my 23rd birthday.

Why, you ask?

Good question.

The answer: Daniel Silverstein.

Daniel is a designer in NYC who not only makes amazing clothes, he makes them using Zero Waste practices. What!? Someone in the fashion world is concerned about waste!? It’s true people, it’s true.

He graduated from FIT where he was introduced to the insane amount of trash generated by the fashion industry, we’re talking hoards and hoards of waste here, and decided he didn’t want to stand for that crapola and instead decided to do something revolutionary, create clothing without creating waste.

You might think this is an impossible task, but he proves it isn’t: Daniel is a genius. He creates insanely beautiful, luxurious, flattering, and sexy clothing that is handmade, ethical, and wasteless. If he does have any scraps, he puts them in a bag to save for a rug that he is hand making for his new design studio. Yes, a rug, made from scraps, by hand. He is THAT amazing.
So back to my birthday. Why was I so lucky? Because Daniel dressed me. I know. I was freaking out too. I got to go to his studio, try on his collection, and take home dresses and accessories to wear for my two birthday dinners. Oh, and guess what… I wore the same dress that Amber Valetta wore. Swoons and supermodel wishes.


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