I woke up this morning in Grand Rapids Michigan, the sun was shining and the air was clean. I took a shower, grabbed my compost bin that I have been collecting since I left New York, and headed to the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Using my reusable bags I picked up some blueberries (jam to be made later), herbs, beets, and summer squash. I snacked on the blueberries as we drove to The Sparrows coffee shop. Then I headed to the beach.

Outfit today: Black shorts, black sweater, black sandals. Bathing Suit.

Breakfast: 1 latte and a shared sourdough cinnamon bun from Field & Fire Bakery. I picked up some bread and donuts as well (package free) from a local bakery. We asked for them to hand us the bread without any packaging, they were so into it!

Lunch: A beach picnic!

Dinner: Grilled some beautiful vegetables from the Fulton Street farmers market!

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