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I’ve watched basically every environmental documentary out there, and I recommend educating yourself as much as possible, but this shortlist is all of the documentaries that changed my mindset massively and helped to inform my opinion on many things. documentary documentary

Gasland directed by Josh Fox was the documentary that got me to start using my voice as a tool to inspire environmental change. After seeing it I became very involved in anti-fracking activism which helped me to become trash free! A must see. Documentary

King Corn follows Ian and Curt as they try to learn where their food comes from. To do this they end up planting a hectare of corn. The process of doing this and what they end up with was one of my main motivators for becoming a vegetarian.

Food Inc.  – must see.

No Impact Man – This documentary follows Colin as he lives without making an impact (this isn’t totally true as he still uses fossil fuels) but it’s a pretty cool doc.

An Inconvenient Truth –  The climate is changing.

Check them out, let me know what you think!!



  1. "Cowspiracy" is worth watching as well! Also, can't wait to see The Minimalists documentary. If I remeber correctly it will launch in May in The States. Can't wait for it to be avaliable online so I can watch from DK. Have a lovely day ladies! P.S. Lauren – have you ever thought about making a documentary about your transititon going zero waste?

  2. I absolutely LOVED "Demain" (tomorrow in French),a French documentary directed by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. It focuses on hope and all the amazing people out there doing great things with altruistic initiatives.
    Thanks for the list, I got work to do!

  3. Read the book "No Impact Man" – much more content than the documentary could contain. Well worth the time. Thanks for all these recommendations!

  4. I watched most of the documentaries and they're must watch documentaries! More documentaries to add on to the list can be movies like Mission Blue, Vegucated,Plant pure nation and Gmo OMG and much more!

  5. Have you watched Cowspiracy ? It's pretty amazing and terrible at the same time!! I would also suggest "The Clean Bin Project" and "Minimalism" (by the Minimalists) !

  6. Hi Lauren! I just came back from some holidays visiting NY and I thought about you, a LOT. I am from Spain and when I read your blog I sometimes thought "well, that is not a strange/revlutionary thing to do", but now I understand your blog and thank god, or whoever, it exists. I make my own deodorant, soap, use organic products and that is not so common in here, but after being in NY I get why you need to cry out your message. I was completely shocked when I saw that the use of paper and plastic containers is the rule and that everything is "one use". Even in the hotel I stayed in, which claimed to be eco-friendly and had some details that showed its effort to be so, I was surprised to see that ALL the cuterly, dishes, glasses, etc were made of plastic and paper. Each morning after breakfast, kilos of paper and plastic waste were accumulated. Ouch, that hurt. And as I could check during my stay in the city, this was the general rule in NY in cafeterias. So thanks for your blog, really.

  7. Excellent list and one I will definitely share! I have watched most of these and I agree, they are eye-opening. Also fun to watch. I have always loved watching documentaries with family and friends especially so I can have a good discussion afterwards. I find that I am easily "sucked in" to the messaging … even though I work in PR and craft compelling messaging for a living. My point is, I like discussing these kinds of films with others to find out what questions they might have. My husband is particularly skeptical of persuasive messages so he is a good yin to my yang 😉

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