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If you haven’t heard of the “gifting forward” trend that everybody’s talking about, then you obvi must be living under a rock (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Truthfully, I may or may not have just coined the term, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to sweep the nation – with reusable swifter pads, of course.

What is “gifting forward” you ask? It’s the act of taking an item that has been previously loved by you, and giving it away to someone you know will love it just as much, if not more.

Now I know what you’re thinking… isn’t that kind of like re-gifting, which is pretty tacky? Or like, is this is worse because the item has been used?

Valid thoughts, but here’s why “gifting forward” is actually awesome:

  • Opposite of “re-gifting”, “gifting forward” involves giving away something you love and cherish. When we re-gift, we give away something we don’t want, or never wanted in the first place, making it seem tacky because it feels disingenuous. Giving away something you love is actually the most noble form of gifting as it takes a sacrifice on the gifter’s part.
  • “Gifting forward” is zero waste as it involves no new purchases, and can even give new life to something you might not have used in awhile.
  • Gifts should be measured on their thoughtfulness, not cost. It feels counterintuitive in our culture to not spend any money on a gift, but chances are the thought and love you put into gifting something forward could never be bought at any store.

Now that you’re convinced that “gifting forward” is the best gift idea ever since the invention of the gift card (you’re welcome) here are a few ideas to get you started.

The best books you’ve read

Gather up the books that you’ve loved, but are now just collecting dust on your shelves. Tie them up in a bundle with twine and pass them on to someone who adores reading. Go the extra mile and add a handwritten note as to why you loved each book.

A favorite piece of clothing

You know that sweater you wear that your best friend is always complementing? Why not let them be the new owner. Give it a wash with some organic, vegan detergent so it smells nice.

Image by Natasha Garoosi

A piece of wall art

It’s good every now and then to switch up your surroundings and wall decor. Pass on a favorite drawing, picture or painting you’ve had hanging up for awhile and give it a chance to live in a new home. You might even appreciate it more in a new setting, like above your sister’s mantle.

That special bottle of wine you’ve been saving

We sometimes hold on to a fancy bottle of wine or champagne, just waiting for the occasion to pop it open. If the occasion hasn’t come yet, give it the chance to be enjoyed by someone who loves a libation at the end of a long day.

An instrument you no longer play

That violin from 8th grade orchestra is just taking up space under your bed. And let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to “pick it back up” anytime soon. Give it away to your little cousin who loves music and encourage them to enroll in lessons. Share with them what you loved about playing it.

A plant you’ve nurtured and grown

There’s something so special about taking care of a plant and watching it grow from the simple (but not always easy) combination of water and light. That houseplant you’ve nurtured and watched sprout new leaves the past year is the perfect gift for your fellow plant lover. And because it’s infused with your love already, it’s 1000 times more personable and special than any old plant bought at hardware store. Tip, don’t want to give away the whole thing? Try just re-planting a cutting of your favorite succulent!

Now that you’ve got the idea, all that’s left to do is dig through the whosits and whatsits galore hiding away in your home – I recommend starting under your bed.





  1. I have done this a few times (and received too!) and I can say cherishing what’s loved by someone dear to me is a wonderful feeling. I never had a nice name for it though; “gifting it forward” sounds great!

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