“When you look good you feel good”

That is the motto that is hanging above the desk of Alex, my shoe guy. He has been repairing my shoes for three years now.

When I bring him my shoes they typically look like straight trash. I procrastinate so much before taking them to him, they are basically at the point of falling apart. They look like they should just be thrown away. But then Alex performs some type of magic and fixes them to the point where they look brand new and I remember, oh yeah, people make shoes, they can fix them too.

… a DUH moment, but it is so easy to buy a new pair of shoes that we forget that it can be simple to forget we can fix the ones we have.

I love these two pairs of shoes so much and found them both secondhand for practically nothing, wore them until they were dead, and don’t think I could find them again. I am SO grateful that people like Alex exist so that I can keep wearing the shoes that I love, and not have to spend lots of money on new shoes or spend lots of time finding ones I like again.

It is so much better to fix what is broken then buy something new and in the process stimulate your local economy, support skilled jobs, and get to know new people in your community.

Here’s a shoe tip: If you buy a new pair of shoes, bring them to a cobbler to have a bottom put on to protect them – it will exponentially increase the life of your shoes!

Check out these before and after pictures!



PS – if you live in Williamsburg and need shoes repaired…
Alex-Broadway Shoes
236 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
… otherwise I suggest finding your local repair person and going to them and if you like them, tell your friends!



  1. Yes, I love this! I think that with all the options available in stores these days, we've become too quick to throw out the ones that have even minor scratches or problems. I've been taking my shoes to get fixed for two reasons: one, so that I don't create more unnecessary trash and two, because as a size 4.5, it's REALLY hard to find new ones, which more often than not are not great quality anyway.

    Besides, how good does it feel to have one of your favourite pairs back all new and shiny?!

  2. I think it is sad that cobblers are almost extinct now. They can do such great things! It can be a process to find a good one though, I remember when I was in Vancouver, there was a pair of shoes that I used to take to the cobbler almost every month until I found a good cobbler, and he was doing quality work! And then in another city with another pair of shoes, I tried a few place that would cut the heel to make a new height (one heel broke) but none of the shoe repair places couldn't do anything, until I found that old cobbler. Then he did a great job! πŸ™‚

  3. Great article. The fake-Converse shoes on my feet are falling apart. I am pretty sure they are beyond repair, but I have certainly use them to the limit of their life! I intend to examine my footwear choices with a view to purchasing what can be repaired and this re inspired me πŸ™‚

  4. Hi!! Really intresting topic! I wonder how much do it cost to fix the shoes? And is it possible to fix shoes as for example converse or sneakers? Or is it more "real" shoes? πŸ™‚
    // Amanda

  5. I have a pair of boots that my dad bought for me in 1975. I get them re-soled when needed and I try to keep them polished. A good cobbler is a God send. I try to avoid fashion fads, that way my shoes, boots and sandals never go out of style. For me that's Justin Roper boots, Dansko clogs and Birkenstock sandals.

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