Every Saturday I go to the farmers market in my neighborhood in Brooklyn to drop off my compost and to buy my food for the week. Not only is it less expensive than going to a conventional supermarket, it creates a lot of diversity in my diet because I arrange my meals based on what is fresh and seasonal.

In this video you will learn how I prepare before I go to the market and the tools that I bring to ensure it is completely waste free.



  1. The cotton napkin tip is great! I had not thought of thatβ€”and have that problem when buying fresh bread (and don't want a plastic bag and paper bags don't keep them fresh!). You know what would work great for that…and are my favorite dish/drying towels? Birdseye cloth diapers (not joking!). Thanks again for another great video.

  2. Hello Lauren! Would you please comment on how to manage meat or fish purchases at the market? I understand abstaining from meat from meat is more sustainable/ethical, but that is not true of my home. I find meat is still heavily packaged upon purchase, or that they handle meats with disposable plastic gloves. Thoughts?

  3. Thank you for a great blog that I just found a few Days ago! I'm from Sweden and we don't really have any bulk stores. A few days ago it was on the news that they just opened a bulk store in Denmark and that there will be one in Sweden soon. Sadly, a lot of people are negative to this and says it's not hygienic and that it will not work etc. Obviously it does work, since there are bulk stores in other parts of the World. But what is your opinion and knowledge about hygiene in bulk stores, the arguments are often that a lot of people touches the Food and so on. Would love to hear a few arguments against that. Thank you!

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