…a toilet brush?

Sometimes i’m not sure how I have friends.

But anyway, this is not just ANY toilet brush. It is special. I ordered this gorgeous thing from my favorite online shop, Life Without Plastic. It is made of sustainably harvested, untreated beechwood with soft pig bristles. It also has an edge cleaner so I can get up under the rim. You can order the brush alone, but I ordered mine with the beechwood stand and terra cotta ceramic dish. Plus, the brush and stand are 100% compostable and the dish can be reused for a planter, or for your next brush. It’s as sexy as a toilet brush can be, and I love it.

As always, the packaging for my toilet brush was 100% plastic free and recyclable. They used paper tape to seal the box and on the inside, the unpackaged brush, stand, and bowl were protected by kraft paper which I keep to reuse.

How do I clean my toilet, naturally?

I just put some castile soap in the toilet and a little bit of white vinegar, scrub, let it sit for a second, and flush. Voila!

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