One of the best ways that I avoid sending trash to landfill is by composting. If you haven’t heard of composting before, it is essentially taking organic waste (food, yard trimmings, paper) and breaking it down into soil again using heat, time, and sometimes worms (also known as vermicomposting). In the United States, based on the EPA chart below, 14% of our landfill waste is composed of food waste that could be composted. In addition to food waste, we could also compost yard trimmings, wood, and paper, so we have the potential to be composting 61.3 percent of what we are currently sending to landfills, cutting our nation wide landfill waste IN HALF. Composting is easy, fun, and natural and in this video I will show you how I do it in my Brooklyn apartment so you, too, can compost wherever you live.


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  1. When traveling, I’m constantly generating waste, mostly organic because I try to eat as raw as possible (for easy cooking or no cooking lol). I’m gonna have to look for composting sites, I don’t think they’re very common here but I guess I’ll have to try. Your blog is inspirational!

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