I am absolutely addicted to coffee. I drink multiple cups every single day and while sometimes I make it at home, other times I grab it on the go. But how do I get to-go coffee without a disposable cup? Easy! I bring my own. Here’s how to keep your coffee order zero waste, and a few of my favorite reusable to-go cups and coffee accessories below. Coffee order

Check out the video above to see how I buy coffee single use package free. You can do it with a reusable coffee cup or mason jar.

REMEMBER don’t be afraid of looking weird for asking for something in a reusable cup. You are a BADASS doing something that is amazing for the environment (and your wallet because a lot of coffee shops will give discounts for people who bring their own cups). If someone gives you a look for doing something different,  it is not something to be ashamed of. You could be doing something they have never seen before, so think about it in a way that makes you a teacher, showing someone something new, and be proud. You rock!



  1. I just ordered a coffee at the airport and the lady said she couldn't use my cup because of 'health measures. I didn't not wat to say…'

    1. This happened to me recently…I asked for an iced coffee in my zojirushi thermos and the lady refused, said it was too difficult for her. Next time someone refuses to give me coffee in my own thermos, I will refuse to give them my business.

  2. I've gotten a similar message ("Health Department rules") at McDonald's in Illinois (where I no longer buy coffee) but not at McDonald's in Wisconsin, Indiana, or Ohio.

  3. Hey Lauren!

    It's been such an honour following your blog and most importantly, your journey to living the #zerowaste life. There are definitely not enough people in this world who promote, address and help alleviate the food waste problem as you do. What A Waste, like you, aims to preach the importance of minimising our waste, specifically food waste.

    Similar to yours, our campaign aims to provide university students and business owners with information and solutions on how to change their poor waste habits. With your support, we can help spark a behavioural change amongst university students.

    Please check out our campaign and feel free to share your stories with our community. Remember, it only takes one spark to start a fire.



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