I love carrots. Before I started my Zero Waste journey, I bought baby carrots without really taking into account that they are packaged in so much plastic and washed in chlorine or other detergents YUK! So I switched to raw, whole carrots with the stems on or loose unpackaged carrots. For the longest time I would buy them and have to eat them in the same day because within days they would shrivel, brown, and go totally limp, not fun. I recently found a trick that works absolutely perfectly and keeps carrots bright and crisp. It is so simple. You just take carrots, cut off the tops (the leaves suck moisture from the root aka the carrot) and put them in a jar of water. Voila. The same thing works for celery and keeps it nice and crunchy.

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  1. I also do the same with broccoli and kale: I cut a small portion of the stem (which is often dry) and put them in a container with water, like flowers in a vase. It remains fresh and crisp for more than a week since I found this trick! πŸ™‚

  2. As we grow carrots every year in our summer house, we tend to keep loads of them in a cellar in a sand box. This keeps them cool and nice, so we can have home-grown carrots at least until January (then they run out).

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