I cut 11 inches of my hair off. Okay, maybe this was partially done because I was feeling lazy, a little hormonal, and didn’t want to wash my own hair yesterday… but it was also done because my hair was 30 feet long, crazy thick, and totally donatable.

I am obsessed with Locks of Love and have always wanted to contribute to them. They provide hair to children under 21 who have suffered long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Most of them have lost their hair due to alopecia areata which doesn’t have a known cause or cure.

Note to everyone out there, and a giant reveal to the world, I have alopecia. After my dog passed away last year, a two inch diameter section of my hair fell out and is just now grown out. It was one of the scariest things ever, and it was just one tiny section. To be able to help children who lose all of their hair, and sometimes permanently, means everything… so I chopped my hair off to go to making prosthetics that hopefully help to restore confidence and comfort to a child with hair loss.

This is huge for me as I have basically had long hair my entire life, but the social, environmental, and monetary benefits that come with cutting my hair are too sweet to say no to.

  1. My hair is going to be made into a wig. HOW COOL IS THAT!?
  2. My short hair can air dry really quickly, no blow dryer which uses a lot of energy
  3. Less water needed when I shower because it takes less time to wash
  4. Less shampoo needed because there is not as much area to cover
  5. Easier to style
  6. Cooler in the summer
  7. I just kinda like it

I totally support anyone who decides to choose the chop and donate to Locks of Love because their mission is awesome, and we will look really cool and be doing good at the same time!

Their minimum length is 10 inches and you must send it to them in a sealed plastic bag (I upcycled mine from the reuse center at work) and put it in a padded envelope with a hair donation form and sent it to:

Locks of Love

234 Southern Blvd.

West Palm Beach, FL 33405


  1. GREAT new look!!! I donated my hair (approx 24") 8 years ago & haven't grown it long enough since. I used to think my long hair was Me, my identity. If I cut it, then who would I be? I'm soo over that. Now to get my 7yr old on board: her hair is down past her waist but she's not willing to part with it. I'm going to show her this post!

    1. Thanks!! 24" thats amazing!!!! I totally thought the same thing, but after getting the hair cut I am, contrary to what I thought, the same person with the same identity haha and my hair is just a look, and now I like this new look a lot, who knew!?

      Maybe your 7yr old will have the same experience πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    Thank you!! :))) It is SUCH an easy cut and super managable. Thanks for your comment and for the lovely compliment!


  3. hi there!
    i'm new to your blog so maybe you already talked about it in another post, but this one got me wondering:
    what do you use for shampoo?
    here in austria there are a couple of comopanies that produce hair soap (as bars) and a couple of people i know use rhassoul and rinse with vinegar afterwards but i'm always looking for other options as well, so if you have some tips i'd love to hear them…


    ps: the new look us great and i love the idea of donating your hair!

  4. Very beautiful the initiative to donate hair, last month I donated my 15cm, yesterday saw its reportagen in Fantastic and I'm here to say that for years I recycle waste such as paper, plastic, and all the garbage that is to be recycled, if everyone thinks so, the world will be better!

  5. You are doing great job that you have donated your 11 inches hair. I think every women has to do such great job. Whoever has long hair, they must donate their hair to them who have hair problem and who have damage problem. Please keep it up my friend. Don't let it go.

  6. You look amazing with short hair, and your hair looks so healthy (even when long)! How do you take care of it? Do you make your own hair products?

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