So, you forgot it was Valentine’s Day this Wednesday, didn’t you? It’s not too late to show your love though. Rather than running out and buying a last-minute item, or a big plastic box of underwhelming chocolates, here are some ideas that can be 100% waste-free and are also full of thought – you don’t have to tell anyone that someone else thought of them for you.

Set up an at-home massage

Don’t cop out with a “certificate for a free massage by me” type of thing. Get home before your significant other comes back from work, set up the area, turn on relaxing music, light some candles and grab some organic body oil.

Volunteer together

If your friend or loved one has a heart as big as yours, schedule a meaningful gift by planning to go volunteer together for a cause they’re passionate about. Showing that you also care about the causes dear to them is an amazing way to express your love.

Give them a bundle of your favorite books

Gather together the books that you’ve read and loved over the years and gift them to someone you know will love them just as much. Include a note as to why you think each book will resonate with them.

Cook a fancy meal together

Skip the price-y prefix menu and reservation mayhem, and make a special dinner together. As a part of the gift, do all the shopping beforehand (here’s how to keep it zero waste), spring for the nice cheese, and insist on doing all of the cleanup. Keep your delicious leftovers in some stainless steel containers.

Do their chores for them

There’s nothing like coming home to a clean living space, so beat your roommate or significant other to the chase and do the cleaning for them. Here’s a great all-purpose cleaner for all of your dusting and cleaning needs.

Go “wine tasting”

If you don’t live near a vineyard or somewhere that holds real wine tastings, plan a night of hopping around to your favorite, or new, bars and restaurants and have just one glass of wine or drink of your choice at each. Having the one drink cut off at each place will force you to head to new places you’ve always said you wanted to try, but never get around to it.

Keep it zero waste by telling the bartender or server to skip the plastic straw and cocktail napkin.

Let them go wild in the bulk candy section

The saying “like a kid in a candy store” exists for a reason. Rather than buying your friends and loved ones boxes of chocolate, take them to a local candy store with bulk bins, hand them a cotton produce bag, and tell them to go wild. The nostalgia and sugar high are sure to get you rave reviews for this gift. Plus you’ll avoid unnecessary plastic wrappers and wasteful single-use packaging.



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  1. Where do you buy your organic flour and nuts in bulk? Bulk barn only have a couple of organic products but most of them aren’t… i find myself buying my ingredients in plastic containers in natural food pantries instead.

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