Two years of trash:

Four months of trash:

Two months of trash:

One month of trash:


  1. Lauren, congratulations ! You are fantastic !! I'm brazilian and still learnig how to speak english and sometimes I need to ask a help for a electronic translator to understand all words in your blog but it does not prevent to understand your message and dream. I live in SΓ£o Paulo and everyday see people complain about water shortage, trash in the streets, etc.. but no one trying to do something to solve the problems. You live your ideals and is a exemple for all. The world needs more Lauren's…

  2. Hi from Russia! Found your page nearly a week ago. It's so inspiring! Thank you very much! Your example made me to think about changing the lifeslyle of my family. Of course I'm just making the first steps but I'm sure that it's just the beginning of the long and interesting journey. And your advices helps a lot! Thank you!

  3. you are so inspiring and amazing. i noticed the amount of trash ande waste people were producing around me and was asking myself "why" before i noticed i was the same way also, just like you did. you inspired me to make a change in my household and hopefully in my community one day.

  4. Hi Lauren! You have inspired my family to drastically reduce our trash. We have a city composting program, but it says specifically not to put the dryer lint or the dust from sweeping or vacuuming the floors into the compost. What do you do with these things?

  5. I love what you are promoting and am in that initial phase of rethinking my family's product use and wanting to change everything right now! I just bought the Diva Cup and am so happy with it. I plan on implementing many of your suggestions. But, I would feel better about following you and giving you nothing but the glowing praise, as many above, if you could offer some clarification. Are you using the term "trash" only for things that cannot be recycled? I feel like your examples of your monthly trash are misleading because all of the products that you buy to make your homemade products come in something,no? I am not aware of bulk baking soda, etc… Your site makes sense if you are not including cardboard,glass or plastic containers (that the castille soap comes in) as "trash" items but otherwise it makes me feel a little hoodwinked (for lack of a better term, sorry!) Even the photo of you pouring the detergent in your ad for The Simply Company-from a giant glass container that the products didn't come in. I admire what you are promoting and you do so much more than most, it would just be nice and a little more truthful, if you addressed this question or had a photo of the products you do buy and what they come in.

    1. You can buy stuff like baking soda in bulk. I've done it before. And why should she have to clarify that stuff bought in recyclable packaging isn't trash. That is just common sense. If she recycles it, it gets reused so it isn't trash. She does clarify in some interviews that fact though for those who don't put the two and two together. Have you actually looked at all of her stuff?

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