1. I have tried wooden toothbrushes in the past, but found them too big to be efficient. I now use a toothbrush made out of recycled yogurt cups from a brand called Preserve, it is small enough to clean my teeth properly, and the pack contains detailed instructions on how you can recycle the toothbrush when it is time to replace it.

  2. Hey Lauren! Thanks for videos, I love wathing them, they so inspire me! By the way I'm just very interested: are you vegetarian?

  3. Would love to hear about the changes you have made since returning from your trip! How you have simplified even more!

  4. Ehi Lauren! I'm from Italy! First of all sorry if my English in not correct. Then, I'm very impressed by your zero waste life. I'm a natural and envriomental sciences student and so I'm very intrested in ecological economy and sustainable developing.
    I have some doubst like the fact that in lots of country is not too simple have the products that you use, so to have it, people have to buy it in different country, that does it means more use of fuel. Even if it would be possible to buy them, it must be important that the products isn't import from another country but it must came from there. All to minimize fuel impact. What do you think?

  5. This is a great post, and I'll definitely make the switch. I think it would be helpful if you provided some recommendations on bamboo toothbrush brands.
    Also, I continued to think about who does the major purchasing of toothbrushes. I seem to always get toothbrushes from two sources (when I don't buy my own): dentists and hotel chains.
    If you could convince dentists to buy compostable toothbrushes for their patients (perhaps through the ADA) and hotel chains, who probably place enormous bulk purchases of toothbrushes for their hotels, it would probably have an enormous impact.

  6. This web site is great! The toothpaste idea is simply amazing. I was always looking for organic toothpaste and now that this idea exists of mixing baking soda with coconut butter I do want to try this. Thanks Lauren for all that you do to educate us on how we can reduce harm to our planet

  7. I don't have a compost pile but my local council do collect green waste such as food scraps and garden clippings which is then turned into putting mix etc. Do you think a bamboo toothbrush could go into a green waste bin?

  8. got one couple of days ago. Unfortunately it triggers my gag reflect. The dry feel of the bamboo on my tongue is not the most pleasant one. Hope I get used to it. However if anyone has got another suggestion I'm all ears πŸ˜€

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