I’m starting a new series called Simple Swaps where I will share videos on easy ways to transition away from disposables and towards a more sustainable lifestyle. My first one: plastic bags.

With an estimated 2 million plastic bags being used and discarded every minute worldwide, we’ve got a serious problemo on our hands. But there’s an easy way you can eliminate your daily use of plastic bags…

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  1. Hi Lauren. What are your thoughts on the ridiculous amount of reusables now being created that people aren’t using? Also that are using up energy (more than plastic) and are often just tossed away or so poorly made they break before the energy used to creat them is balanced out. I don’t know if you have a post on this topic but I’m curious as are a lot of my friends about this part of the equation. Mind you I still think much more plastic is used and it’s a matter of making grabbing your reusable and USING it. However, this doesn’t always happen and I’m afraid we are replacing one with the other. Thank you!

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