SINGLE USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES SUCKKKKKKKK. They are one of my least favorite things ever. In the US alone we use over 1,500 plastic water bottles per second…..

Let’s move beyond them, shall we? Here is a Simple Swap solution to help reduce the unnecessary, overpriced, toxic water vessel demons from making their way into landfills, oceans, and beyond.





  1. Lauren,

    What do you do about sunscreen ? I have been rather successful with switching to reusables. But what if i want essential oils ? they make them in glass jars with plastic caps ( why companies why ? ). And spices. There is no bulk bin for spices. Again, I can find them in glass bottles with plastic caps. Its so frustrating as to how hard it is to make the transition !

  2. I guess if you don't mind the effort, you can always filter or boil the water yourself. Water from taps should still be drinkable even if it's a bit hard. I'm from the UK and that seems to be the case anyways, guess it really depends where you're from.

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