I am sitting on my couch feeling good. The kind of good that only comes after you have consumed Thanksgiving leftovers with more voracity than Thanksgiving dinner itself.

I am soooo happpyyyyyy.

Okay, anyway. Leftovers. My family always has leftovers and we all fight one another to take them home. But, if not prepared, leftovers can be synonymous with copious amounts of plastic tupperware and unnecessary trash. No bueno. Not good for your health, not good for your food, and definitely not good for the environment.

How do I combat the tupperware troubles? Mason jars, duh!

This Thanksgiving I went to my mom’s house prepared. I was stocked with six large mason jars, the perfect number for holding all of the stuffing, sweet potato, mashed potato, gravy, etc., that I wanted with absolutely no waste created! Plus, look how gorgeous those colors are! My fridge will look like fall all week (okay, who am I kidding, this won’t last longer than the weekend). 

So the next time you head to your family’s house for the holidays, remember to bring your jars (and your boyfriend to carry them)! Your stomach, and the earth, will thank you.



  1. I saw where you carry the jars in a tote bag. How do you make sure the mason jars do not break when you are carrying them or getting them in/out at the store?

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