Organic, Vegan cleaning products made by Lauren at The Simply Co.! 

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  1. I love all about your products and your initiative Lauren. But with your ethic you should talk about the shipping as well. Your customers do not understan that shipping such products from one continent to the other may be worse to our planet… Please do something.

  2. Hi, Lauren, I am Deonilyn Gramo from Philippines. I just found out about you yesterday. Actually, I am also environmental friendly but only to the point that when a trash can is not around all my litters goes to my bag or pocket. If I don't have one I even carry it home. But it is just so inspiring to know someone who actually manages to live and reduce garbage as she lives. I am also fan of home made products coz I think artificial products has chemicals on it but I haven't think of living a zero life. I might get started. I already talked about my partner about this is very supportive about this. Thank you for sharing your story and ideas.

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