Sometimes I run into situations where I wish I had just ONE MORE reusable bag. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST! Using a napkin that I always carry with me, in this video a will teach you how to take a regular ole’ napkin and turn it into an on the go reusable bag in a pinch!


  1. I always carry a string bag and a produce bag in my purse for those times I may need to pick up a few things without doing full scale shopping. I'll now add a napkin to that list. Thanks. I LOVE your Simple Swaps!

  2. I have a chico bag clipped to my handbag for most instances but I often wrap my bento in furoshiki. You should totally look into Furoshiki! There's SOOOOO many kinds of bags you can make with a single napkin(good for different uses)!

  3. Thats so cool. Can you show cheap alternetiv for zero waste ? Or do you have cheap alternetive? Im vegan and dont know how to eat breakfast without plastic do you have any tips? Are you vegan?

  4. Hi Lauren!
    I just have a question that has nothing to do with the video (but I also liked the video) : do you have any idea how to buy/make tofu that isn't wrapped in plastic? I buy a lot of it, and I only find the ones conatined in plastic and (todu?) water…

  5. Hi Lauren, I am looking for suggestions on eco friendly brand of napkins to buy. Something soft and maybe absorbent. Any preferred kind you purchase?

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