Tomorrow is Valentines day. 

A day of EPIC consumerism. But my dad just did the most incredible thing for me. Instead of buying me cut flowers, he planted 50 trees in my honor. 

It is the most thoughtful valentines day gift I have ever received and totally Zero Waste. 

If you have a lover or friend that you are wanting to celebrate tomorrow – think – is there any way of doing something for them that shows you love them without having to purchase something or without purchasing something that will just be thrown away? Think about how much packaging comes around a box of chocolates. 

Could you buy them flowers that grow instead of cut ones? Succulents? Or even some seeds instead of cut flowers. 

Or better yet- could you do something together? Like cook dinner or plan activities?

My last boyfriend stopped buying me flowers early on in our relationship because he knew I got sad when they died. I have always preferred something that could grow instead of wilt away. 

These types of “non-conventional” Valentines Day gifts, in my opinion, mean so much more than a stock card or box of chocolate because they require forethought, effort, and planning. 

Does anyone else have ideas for Zero Waste alternatives to conventional Valentines Day gifts? 

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