Tomorrow is Valentines day. 

A day of EPIC consumerism. But my dad just did the most incredible thing for me. Instead of buying me cut flowers, he planted 50 trees in my honor. 

It is the most thoughtful valentines day gift I have ever received and totally Zero Waste. 

If you have a lover or friend that you are wanting to celebrate tomorrow – think – is there any way of doing something for them that shows you love them without having to purchase something or without purchasing something that will just be thrown away? Think about how much packaging comes around a box of chocolates. 

Could you buy them flowers that grow instead of cut ones? Succulents? Or even some seeds instead of cut flowers. 

Or better yet- could you do something together? Like cook dinner or plan activities?

My last boyfriend stopped buying me flowers early on in our relationship because he knew I got sad when they died. I have always preferred something that could grow instead of wilt away. 

These types of “non-conventional” Valentines Day gifts, in my opinion, mean so much more than a stock card or box of chocolate because they require forethought, effort, and planning. 

Does anyone else have ideas for Zero Waste alternatives to conventional Valentines Day gifts? 


    1. Thanks Lauren , thanks to you and to other members of the internet and zero waste, I changed and I now know that to live and love we are not obliged to pollute the Earth.

  1. Awesome gift! Your dad is a rock star!

    I agree with Pauline for the rest… although saying "I love You" shouldn't be just a Valentine's day phrase! Enjoy it every day and say it every day! Zero Waste and a lot of love!


  2. We're going for a walk through the national park near our house. Simple, yet beautiful πŸ™‚ bit of outdoors and beautiful nature is a great way to say I love you

  3. I think just a day long date is awesome present. Movies, walks, talks, reading books to each other out loud, hugs, dancing to valentine's playlists. You will remember it a lot more than a chocolate box (which in 70% cases will come with guilt feelings when you finish it overnight)

  4. My husband keeps a heart-shaped box from year to year to fill with chocolates from our local shop. I think this is the 5th year he's done it – so sweet, and a good example of reuse! He also buys me tulips to plant outside (with no foil wrapping and we return the planters to the shop for them to reuse). Valentine's Day can be traditional and still zero-waste.

  5. AWESOME IDEA! My hubby and I quit exchanging cards years ago, we now tell each other in person what we think our ideal card would say. We also call our loved ones and tell them that we love them, nothing like hearing those words in your ear.

  6. Sharing experiences instead of candy in pink boxes… We went to a play at a small theater. It was great! And I could feel really good because it was paperless tix through brown paper tickets, who let you choose a type of charity to donate a portion of the proceeds. Thanks for reminding us of the impact our daily choices can make… Especially in times of crazy consumerism holidays.

  7. We celebrated the day as a family with our newly adopted daughter by having breakfast with grandma, taking her to the museum of nature and science to play and sharing a fizzy drink made locally in a recyclable glass bottle.

  8. Not sure if my comment posted do apologies for any duplication!
    Peppermint Australia reader here πŸ™‚ just read your article and loved it, and LOVE your blog! Looks like I have some catch up reading to do on this cold Aussie day πŸ™‚
    Best wishes from Australia!
    Bec xx

  9. my partner never really likes my gifts so now I just donate every month to a childrens charity because he loves kids. i feel good, so does he and the kids win too

  10. Love is for heart,heart is for love.As says,"Sometimes we make love with our eyes.Sometimes we make love with our hands.Sometimes we make love with our bodies.Always we make love with our hearts."Best wishes.

    @Rachel Wood.

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