Smelly armpits are pretty unanimously unsexy. I hear people saying all the time that they cannot find deodorant that is sustainable or “eco” that keeps their armpits scent free and they go back to plastic packaged, chemical-laden store bought deodorant.ย That was until I discovered Meow Meow Tweet’s small-batch, vegan, all-natural and organic deodorant sticks. Get yourself one below.

deodorant deodorant deodorantย 

If you’re in the mood to DIY, I created a recipe for deodorant that kept me smelling fresh and clean even when working out. Check out how I keep stinkiness at bay in this video:



  1. Hi Lauren! I love your videos and everything that you do! You’re awesome! I’m from Argentina, so my native language is Spanish… Although your english is very understandable, I couldn’t get the name of all the ingredients that you used for this deodorant. Could you write the recipe so that all of your non-english-speaker followers can understand, please? Thank you very much for all these useful tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi! Thank you for your video! Can you post the recipe (the quantities mostly!) so it’s easier to refer back to when I make it at home? Thank you! I love everything you’re doing!

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