Is it possible to shop without putting something in the cart that will not end up in the a landfill? YES. It has a lot to do with buying only fresh and bulk food and takes a little bit of planning and a little extra effort, but it makes shopping so much easier and in my opinion more organized and aesthetically pleasing. Here are my essentials that I take with me when shopping for food.

  • Mason jars or any type of canning jar with lid
  • Reusable Bags (cotton or canvas is best because it is washable)
  • A lightweight cotton bag incase you have extra bulk that you don’t have a jar for (mine is just a bag I reused from a sheet set I purchased)
  • To carry my jars I use a reusable wine carrier (mine is from Trader Joes) and it really helps to keep the jars separated so they are not bouncing around when I carry them home from the store
  • A sharpie or erasable marker to write the tare of the jar on the lid as well as the bulk item number to make checking out easier for you and the checkout person. With ball jars the small jar (pictured) has a tare of .6 lbs and the large wide mouth ball jar (pictured) has a tare of 1 lb. You should either know the tare beforehand and have it written, tare the jars right when you enter the store, or bring an extra of each jar that will remain empty to tare at the time of checkout (this is best if it is your first time and then you can just write the tare down to remember for next time)

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