Looking to clean up your act in the kitchen? Consider making these easy product swaps to cut back on waste and your plastic use. But remember, when making these swaps, keep in mind what to do with your old items – don’t throw them away! Use up old products, recycle, donate, give away or sell the rest. The purpose of zero waste is to prevent as much matter from heading to the landfill as possible.

Swap Plastic Storage Containers for Airtight Stainless Steel Containers

The Waste Problem: Plastic food storage containers

Why:  Plastic poses possible toxicity risks and can leak chemicals into your food

The Alternative: Stainless steel airtight containers

Where to buy: Here

Swap Plastic Wrap for 100% Compostable and Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

The Waste Problem: Plastic wrap

Why: The chemicals added to make the plastic wrap “clingy” and stretchable make too complex a plastic to recycle

The Alternative: 100% compostable Beeswax Food Wrap that can be washed and reused for up to a year

Where to buy: Here

Swap Dish Sponges for a Natural Dish Brush with 100% Compostable Replacement Heads


The Waste Problem: Plastic scrub brushes and sponges

Why: Most plastic scrub brushes and sponges are non-recycable

The Alternative: Natural dish brush with compostable and replaceable heads

Where to buy: Here

Swap Plastic Ice Trays for Stainless Steel Trays

The Waste Problem: Plastic ice trays

Why: The flimsy trays often crack or break, and sometimes aren’t recyclable and potential toxins leaking into your ice

The Alternative: Stainless Steel Ice Trays that stand the test of time and are 100% recyclable

Where to buy: Here

Swap Single-use Spice Containers for Refillable Spice Jars

The Waste Problem: Plastic spice containers

Why: You have to buy a new container each time you run out of a certain spice

The Alternative: Buying spices in bulk, and storing in refillable spice jars

Where to buy: Here

Swap Disposable Paper Towels for Reusable Cleaning Cloths or Homemade Rags

The Waste Problem: Single-use disposable paper towels

Why: Used paper towels are non-recyclable

The Alternative: Investing in a set of reusable cleaning cloths, or making your own from old t-shirts and towels

Where to buy: Here

Swap Plastic Produce Bags for Reusable Cotton Produce Sacks

The Waste Problem: Plastic produce bags

Why: Plastic produce bags are non-recyclable

The Alternative: Reusable cotton produce sacks

Where to buy: Here




  1. Is there a good solution for squeeze bottles? Silicone?
    I can’t give up ketchup :S so I buy cans. Though I found a good recipe for canning.
    With kids though, it would be nice to put ketchup, maple syrup and even homemade toothpaste in a squeezable solution.
    I also like fair trade.. so I’m having trouble. Most silicone have plastic caps..
    Love to see how you’ve grown and watched through your journey!
    Still remember searching for your (original) site with, “mason jar? Impossible..even for just a week!”

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