When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I like to see it as an opportunity to celebrate all types of love. Self-love, platonic and romantic love. So whether you’re planning to spend Valentine’s Day pampering yourself at home with a face mask or hitting the town for a fancy night out, there are so many ways to love yourself and most important people in your life this February 14th.

Stay in and relax.

Wrap yourself in a cozy organic cotton bathrobe, slather on a vegan face mask and queue up your guiltiest pleasure TV show (where the Real Housewives fans at?). Nothing says “I love me” more than a night of R&R.

Do a major closet cleanout.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do to show love to ourselves is tackling that chore that’s been hanging over our head. Spend a few hours digging through your closet, assessing what you actually love and wear, and what you can donate or sell. Reward yourself by going out on a thrift shopping trip to buy one new item you could actually use in your wardrobe.

Take yourself out for a drink.

Who says you need an actual Valentine in order to get dressed up and go out? Treat yourself to a fancy cocktail at a restaurant or bar you’ve been wanting to try. Just don’t forget to request it with no straw.

Have a DIY bulk beauty party.

The beauty industry has a long way to go when it comes to package free products. Plastic containers and packaging are still the norm. But one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary packaging on items like lip balm, lotion and deodorant is to make your own from bulk ingredients.

Gather up bulk ingredients and some empty containers, and invite your friends over to have a DIY beauty product making party. 

Cook a big meal and send everyone home with leftovers.

There’s nothing quite like gathering with your friends to share a long, relaxing and delicious meal together. Use these tips to keep your meal prep and cooking zero waste.

Stock up on some stainless steel containers beforehand as parting gifts, and send your friends home with them full of leftovers.


Mix up some infused-alcohol drinks and go dancing.

A few days before your big night out, gather a mason jar, alcohol and some “infuse-able” ingredients. Put your ingredients and alcohol of choice into your mason jar, seal it shut to infuse for a few days and switch out the normal lid for a mason tap when you’re ready to mix them up.

Here’s some infusion inspiration:

Tequila + fresh jalapeños = a spicy margarita base

Gin + fresh ginger = a gin and tonic with a kick

Vodka + fresh vanilla bean + a cinnamon stick = a warm spin on a Moscow Mule


Some good old-fashioned loving.

There’s nothing less sustainable than an unplanned pregnancy or the spread of STIs, but not all condoms are created equal. If you use condoms, here’s a brand that keeps the environment and your personal health a top priority.

Set the mood with some sultry, woodsy-scented sticks of Palo Santo.

Candlelit massages.

Nothing says romance like a sensual massage by candle light, but if you can’t spring for a couple’s massage at an actual spa, do them in the comfort of your own home. All you need is some organic body oil, candles and your hands.


A plant instead of flowers and a plantable card.

About $2 billion worth of cut flowers are bought each valentine’s day in the US and most of those don’t last beyond a week. Instead of a bouquet, why not give your loved one a plant that they can keep forever (or for as long as they can keep it alive). Pair it with a sweet card that (get this) is made from recycled paper and seeds, and if planted in the ground will grow into wildflowers (!!!).



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