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Welcome to
Trash is for Tossers
Welcome to Trash is for Tossers
Welcome to Trash is For Tossers, a resource for reducing your waste daily, Zero Waste inspiration, environmental education, and everyday actions that create a positive impact. Here you’ll find tips, tricks, and tools for reducing waste daily, insight on environmental issues and what can be done to solve them, as well as recipes, guides, DIYs that make sustainable living simple, cost effective, and fun.
Founded by Lauren Singer in 2014, Trash is For Tossers started as a personal blog documenting Lauren’s personal journey of reducing her waste to zero. Lauren, who started living Zero Waste 2 years earlier in 2012, first went viral for fitting a year’s worth of all of the waste she’d created in one 16oz mason jar. Nicknamed by her community as the “the girl with the trash jar”, Lauren went on to give a Ted Talk that brought the concept of Zero Waste to millions. In 2017, Lauren launched Package Free to create a united space for makers of sustainable products that helped to reduce waste, and to make the world less trashy one sustainable swap at a time. As the editorial arm of Package Free, Trash is for Tossers is a place for readers to be empowered with information and tools to reduce their waste and live in alignment with their environmental values.

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